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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 3, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i say it's a scary time for young men in america when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of. this is a very difficult time. what's happening here has much more to do than even the appointment of a supreme court justice. lou: and new sign to night that the left's crew said to absolutely devastate judge kavanaugh could be backfiring as a red state dem in a race sees her poll numbers plummet. we'll have the story. ed rollins, harmeet dhillon weighing in on the consequences of the relentless dem smear
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campaign. and the trump economy keeps winning. the dow jones industrial average hitting its 102nd record high close since president trump was elected. we take a closer look at the record-setting rally. and our top story tonight, perhaps deadly motivated attacks against two military leaders. two packages containing ricin poison sent to the pentagon, addressed to defense secretary jim mattis and the chief of naval operations admiral john richardson. also a letter today full of white powder sent to senator ted cruz's campaign office in houston. the powder determined by authorities to be harmless. promarijuana protesters accosting republican congressman andy harris at his office on capitol hill. and leftist activists harassing senator mitch mcconnell as he walked through reagan national
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airport. >> . >.>> whaty u putting your handsr hands on her? >> senator mcconnell, do you always turn your back on women like this? lou: and the secret service revealing that a suspicious letter was sent to the white house yesterday. that letter addressed addressede president. in a statement, quote, the envelope was not received at the white house nor did it enter the white house. all threats directed toward the president or any secret service protect tee are treated seriously aninvestigated. president trump is not backing down on his support for judge brett kavanaugh. the deadline for the fbi investigation of the supreme court nominee is to be completed friday. and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell has promised a
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vote this week. fox news white house correspondent kevin cork with the latest. >> it's a very scary time for young men in america when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of. >> in expressing support for his supreme court nominee, president trump today called the unsubstantiated allegations surrounding judge brett kavanaugh a symptom of an extremist political environment that's hurting america. >> what's happening here has much more to do than even the appointment of a supreme court justice. it really does. >> ka that has been accused by three women of misconduct who claim he was sexually inappropriate in either high school or college more than 30 years ago. while investigators have yet to interview dr. christine blasey ford or accuser julie swetnick, they've contacted a number of other people. including debra ramirez and ford's friend who was interviewed on saturday and
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kavanaugh friend mark judge who ford claimed witnessed the attack in the early 1980s, something he denied. while's clear the fbi inquiry continues, what's less clear is how far-reaching it will go. chuck schumer is demanding to be briefed on the fbi's findings before a final confirmation vote is taken. others are con tept to let the process play out. >> what i have been assured is that they're conducting this background investigation as they do automatic background investigations allowing for the investigation to take its course. >> as the president takes his midterm message on the road, he carries his party's hopes that kavanaugh's nomination will survive. but if it doesn't, at least one supporter know what is he would do if he were in the president's shoes. >> i would renominate him and i would take this case to the american people and i'd ask voters in indiana and missouri and north dakota and other
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places where trump won saying who he would nominate if he got to be president and see if the voters want to appeal the verdict of their senator. >> well i heard lindsey say that and certainly it's interesting. but i have to say that i really think that judge ka that is kavs going to be accepted and voted on. lou: thank you, kevin cork. and here to discuss all of the day's developments with, jason chaffetz, former republican congressman from utah, the author of the book "the deep state, how an army of bureaucrats protected barack obama and working to destroy the trump agenda." now available everywhere. jason, good to have you with us. let's start with first these attacks. >> thank you. lou: this is deeply troubling. two letters containing the deadly poison ricin sent to the defense secretary, to the chief of naval operations.
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it turns out to have been a harmless white powder sent to senator ted cruz. the majority leader of the united states senate accosted by a left-wing demonstrator or set of demonstrators in reagan national. it just goes on and on. why aren't we hearing any kind of voice from the left, from the democratic leadership on capitol hill saying please don't do this. we -- and the reputation to rebut all of this. it's simp. simple. just don't the it. >> this is what you get when you're the tenacious resistant movement. they promised this, saying that the resistant movement would do everything they could. they wanted confrontation. they had people like maxine waters going out and asking people to be accosted. and then when they do it, the
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democratic leaders are absolutely silent about it. it's vicious, aggressive, it's pervasive. i don't know the motivation behind each and every thing. but in general this is what you get when you preach the politicians of personal destruction. now, fortunately -- lou: they're not only preaching it, they're practicing. >> they are. they are. now fortunately at the white house, at the pe the pentagon ae congress, the mail is screened. you're not going to get through the method. hats off to the authorities that have to deal with that on a daily basis. lou: watching what's happening now, there is and orchestrated campaign against judge k kavanaugh, his wife, his daughters, his family. it is the most vicious thing i've seen. it's on its face transparently
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absolutely clear that the left has decided to destroy this man irrespective of the truth, irrespective of the facts and irrespective of any regard for decency. i cannot believe that the american public will not recognize what is before them in such an ugly, ugly form. >> and shame on the republican senators who continue to allow the process to be extended. they wanted the resistance movement. they wanted to delay and defeat at all costs. their mind-set is no matter what happens, we have to actually take this person down. and so anybody who got in the way of that, anybody who was put forward by donald trump is going to be on the bulldoze end of this. judge kavanaugh authored more than 300 opinions. you never hear any debate about that. you hear these things about silly things that happen -- lou: jason, we didn't hear probing questions of the judge from the very radical democratic
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senators on the judiciary committee. they were more intereste interen postering and talking about fbi investigations. they had a mantra and stuck to it and didn't ask questions, intelligent questions, probing questions at all. >> yeah. it'at the same time they were saying they didn't really have any questions for ford or kavanaugh. they, at the same time were saying we need more time to investigate. it was just a silly set of circumstances. now i do think mitch mcconnell e been very critical and i know you have too of mitch mcconnell, but i think he is the one push pushing to say we're going to vote and we're going to vote soon. enough of the charade. lou: he had stood up admirably in defense of judge kavanaugh on the floor of the u.s. senate. he's making it very clear there will be a vote this week between the majority leader and the
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judiciary chairman chuck grassily. they're making it very clear. there will be no delay inspired by the left that is suddenly realizing that the american public is aware. they have nothing. this is a great juris and a person of judge kavanaugh and he deserves to be on the court adds appointed by president trump. >> if you sit back and look at it, they're not judging this person based on the merits. they're not arguing about a position. it's the politics of personal destruction. it's the scorched earth philosophy and then it radiates out and that's why you have these verbal attacks on the majority leader. you have other things happen. there's consequences to what the democrats are doing and they don't want to take any responsibility for it whatsoever. lou: no responsibility and they want to continue a coordinated attack against this man, the president, who nominated him and the values that are foundational to this country.
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jason chaffetz, thank you for being with us as always. appreciate it. >> thanks, lou. lou: a reminder to go out and buy jason's book entitled "the deep state." up next, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell slamming the reckless reports coming out in the national left wing media about judge kavanaugh. >> last night the "the new york times" unleashed this major story. get this. judge kavanaugh may have been accused of throwing some ice across a college bar in the mid 1980s. talk about a bombshell. but here's what we know, madam president. one thing for sure. if senate will vote on judge kavanaugh here on this floor this week. lou: good for the majority leader. we take that up and much more. we'll be talking with ed rollins. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: the accusations of brett kavanaugh's third accuser, julie swetnick debunked on national television. he eit seems to.she's now fuzzdr
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claims that judge kavanaugh and os were spiking girls' drinks at a party. >> everyone is wondering if one of those people was brett kavanaugh. >> i cannot specifically say that he was one of the ones who assaulted me. i saw him giving red solo cups to quite a few girls during that time frame and there was green punch at the parties and i would not take one 0 those glasses from mark kavanaugh -- pret kavanaugh. excuse me. i saw him around the punch, i won't say bowls, container. i don't know what he did but i saw him by them, yes. lou: nbc went on the air with that. actually went on the air with it. swetnick made her allegations in sworn testimony, which is punishable by personalr perjury. the question is whether she will be held accountable and suffer the consequences. two new polls show some good
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news for judge brett kavanaugh and north dakota senator candidate kevin cramer. a harvard harris poll finds 60% say the senate should confirm judge kavanaugh if the fbi finds no corroboration of charges against him. and a gray tv poll finds republican kevin cramer leading dem senator heidi hide cam hide. joining us tonight, ed rollins. >> nice to be with you. thank you. lou: what has happened in this country to basic fundamental standards on the part of broadcast journalists. >> the standards which may have been there at one point in time are no longer there. this is an invitation in the last week the take any garbage you can find and dump it on brett kavanaugh's lawn.
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lou: it's political motivation. it's obviously orchestrated. all part of a piece. and it is the politics of personal destruction. >> i will predict to you that when the report comes out -- they're not passing it out to each member of the senate. they have to go to a room like they do any intelligent document. i bet ten members of the senate who are democrats will vote against him. lou: ten? >> i would be shocked in ten didn't. >> you're saying ten will not read the document? >> no more than ten will read the document. lou: no more than ten, okay. >> they will not go do that. lou: how many do you think will be persuaded by getting precisely what they demanded, an fbi supplemental investigation that they will be open minded, honest and demonstrate the integrity to vote for judge kavanaugh? >> well none of them. they have made up their mind
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starting with schumer start to finish. if they would have found anything, the lawyers would hav- lou: what about jeff flake. the person with that obvious partisan philosophy can't possibly sit on the supreme court. >> my feeling on jeff flake is this. if we get the two women, certainly mcconnell can persuade them because there won't be anything in this document. then i don't care with jeff flake goes. we need to two women and -- lou: murkowski and collins. >> if we get them and get the 50, i think there will be a senate or two on the democratic side in tough races who may come over. if not, we have the 50. let's put him through and get it done. lou: the aclu spending $1 million on an ad against judge kavanaugh. >> outrageous. lou: this was once a liberal but bipartisan group. it is no more. the person banker american bankn
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has always been liberal. but now the president of the american bar association is stepping into this. i mean it is -- this is raw, this is nasty. it's unprecedented. >> this is hand grenade fights. they're doing everything they can to knock this man out. he's got great credibility and at the end of the day he'll be a great -- this is a guy who sat on the court for 12 years. a very visible second highest court in the land. no one talks about his temperament, no one talks about his bad decisions. he's considered an impeccable judge and should be elevated. lou: jeff flake, i want to return to him for just a moment, saying that this judge is too partisan. has he ever heard of ginsberg? has he ever heard of sotomayor? are you kidding me? >> i go back far enough -- lou: justice scalia. >> more shall an marshal and ot.
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they have point o point of poin. lou: this must be a defining moment. flake appears to be the most intellectually challenged person to ever sit in the u.s. senate. i shouldn't say ever. in my lifetime. i mean he is conflicted. he's all over the map. he's absolutely bizarre. >> well he's sold his soul now to his good friend on the democratic side without getting anything in return. lou: his good friend collins. >> yes. lou: or his good friend schumer. >> both. at the end of the day he's not nothing in return. all of the bipartisan deals always seem to be we give something up and they give nothing up. all i care about is 50. we get to 5 50, we mo forward ad he'll have an honorable career on the supreme court and we can thank mitch mcconnell for forcing this. lou: ed roll lynns is in a generous mood tonight, embracing
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the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. and i'm just going to salute him for his stand so far. when he gets the confirmation, i will join the embrace. ed rollins, i've never seen him so warm and fuzzy. my gosh. it's inspiring. >> my wife said to me this morning, he said i'm 75 years old. don't pay any woman a compliment today. you'll get in trouble. i said, sherry -- a sad state of affairs when i can't tell someone they look nice. lou: i think that the president had it right and sherry your wife is confirming that. young men in this country right now are in a dangerous situation. ed rollins, thank you so much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you think the radical left's relentless effort to smear judge ka naf without any regard for truth and decency will backfire
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on the dems in the midterms? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. up next, more on whatever he is, nod no adjective record. jeff flake. the comments he makes at the twilight of his political career. >> i sometimes feel like i'm a man temporarily without a party. lou: no, no. you're just, you're just betraying everything that you said you once tood for. we'll take that up and much more. harmeet dhillon with me next. stay with us.
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lou: if you need further program on how dim whited rino jeff flake can be, consider his comments today about judge
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kavanaugh's testimony. >> i was very troubled by the tone of the remarks. the interaction with the members was sharp and partisan and that concerns me. and i tell myself, you give a little leeway because of what he's been through. but, on the other hand whereby,t have this on the court. lou: i mean, i don't even know what to say about this man. the lake duck senator thinks, well, that defending your good name and integrity is considered sharp and part dison. the senator might look at the decision to align with the radical left, ask himself if they really would be nonpartisan and whether or not their shameless attacks on him, their politics of personal destruction should be tolerated by someone
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so sensitive particularly and senator flake. joining us now, attorney, rnc committee woman for california harmeet dhillon. great to have you with us. just gives your reaction to first senator flake. >> i'm disgusted. it is high time this man left the senate. clearly he has some post-senate game that he's playing here. but you know, even though, he should be doing his job right now. and i was hope to give the benefit of the doubt to senator flake that if somebody accused him of something like that, he would be righteously angry like any good man would be. that's the only way to react when you're falsely accused of a crime like this. he's way out of line in criticizing. the senators have all sat there in judgment. by the way, many of them with the philandering, drinking problems themselves, gaslighting this man, accusing and feigning shock and clutching their pearls when he acts like a human being.
4:31 am
it's ridiculous. lou: watching him there at the atlantic conference of leftists, playing that game. he was so sincere and so earnest, to deeply troubled. was waiting for him to start washing his hands. it's just, to me, it's infuriating. can you imagine. >> it is. lou: -- judge kavanaugh having his fate in the hands of anyone like jeff flake? how he must feel. >> i can imagine it, lou. everybody that might be up for a you dish confirmation is imagining it right now and they're horrified at what they're seeing and they're horrified that they will be judged by this crew of illegitimate people, demon tiezing and attacking and destroying innocent people like that. it's not worth it when you look at that to see what you have to go through. the left has lost all scruples and they're being joined by a couple of flakey republicans as well. this is a low point in my
4:32 am
30-years-plus in politics seeing what happened this past week in washington is really a low point for america. lou: it's a low point for america. but i have to say, the republicans have a chance to demonstrate strength and righteousness when november 6 rolls around. i just -- if these dimms pull this off, destroying this man and his family and taking control of the house and the senate, you know, i think the country is well on its way to hell. it's unbelievable what we're witnessing. and the republicans, the rino cowards in the senate and the house, but particularly in the senate, if they don't rise to this historic occasion, i just, i don't even want to contemplate it. >> well, there is some hope. i mean lindsey graham certainly did a terrific job this past week, i was inspired.
4:33 am
and today senator corker came out and said i'm voting for kavanaugh. lou: i'm never hopeless and neither are americans. but i am looking at facts that tell me that the quality of character and the strength of character and the intellects at work on capitol hill right now need to do far better. i'll just leave it at that. >> yes, i agree. lou: your sense right now of where we are with this election. are we tester right now is four points ahead of his challenger in montana. in missouri the challenger, mccaskill, josh holly, he's running ahead. we're looking at some real opportunities for republican victories. your sense of where we're going. >> i agree. you know, in those states you mentioned, also north dakota,
4:34 am
heidi hide camp is under a lot of pressure. that's looking good for us as well. the polls are looking good on the kavanaugh issue. i think it's ga galvanized the republicans. if we can deliver for the voters and first of all deliver this confirmation, it's going to be very important. and then keep people focused on what the democrats are about open what's at stake for our country. i think we can do well. california, where i'm sitting, obviously is a battleground for taking back the house for the democratses and they're fighting very hard here. we'rwe're fighting back as well. lou: the number of illegal immigrants in california and the congressional seats that their numbers provide the democratic party, just in that one state. >> yes. lou: why isn't the rnc -- why aren't the republicans doing anything, talking about the issue, coming to terms with it? and of course we have the left-wing media which are part
4:35 am
of the orchestration. >> well some of them are, lou. but the problem is that we are playing by these old school rules and the democrats have moved on from them. the democrats will stop at nothing to win and we republicans are still, you know, sort of playing kro ka quay. that's not going to work. lou: are you ready to take on what is obviously a war against decency, a war against truth by the left? >> we are fighting hard. and you know, it's a matter of focusing on the races where we're involved and can make a difference. and certainly in southern california where the number of races at stake, we have resources there that they're deploying and other parts of the country as well. so i'm confident that we're doing everything that we can to keep the seats at risk and win back some of the seats that we can. but ultimately there's a quality issue amongst the candidates as well. lou: but we knew this election was coming. >> yes. lou: we knew this election was coming. why in the world wowlz the
4:36 am
republican party not want warriors on the streets instead of a bunch of less than desirable candidates. harmeet, good to have you with
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lou: president trump today touting his historic america first trade deal with mexico and canada, calling out china for it
4:40 am
rampant theft of intellectual authority. >> we're looking at china and other countriance straightening out some of these horrible deals that stole our wealth, stole our jobs, stole so much from us. actually in many ways stole our dignity as a country. lou: joining me now, chris coback, kansas secretary of state and kansas republican gubernatorial nominee. representing the grand old party. good to see you. let's start with, if we may, our thoughts about what judge brett kavanaugh and his family are going through right now and mitch mcconnell has stood up, lindsey graham has stood up, the president steadfast throughout. there is an extraordinary alignment between the national left-wing media and of course the radical dimms who control
4:41 am
the democratic party. >> you know, it's the great es irony i see here, lou, is we're seeing the nomination and the confirmation of a man to the highest court in the land, the epitome of due process, yet the procedure by which he is being tested has thrown due process out the window. the democrats wanted to take away his right to confront his accuser by answering after her. all standard of evidence thrown out of the door. 30-plus year old. it's crazy what's happening. a circuit. lou: mitch mcconnell mocked the left today. going after the "the new york times" for pursuing, as well, this story about throwing ice in a college bar. this is the height of absurddy. absurdcy, absurdcy. it is repugnant, and astonishing
4:42 am
that even the left could be this stupid. >> it shows me to the means justify the ends. truth does not matter. nothing matters and they will -- lou: what matter to republicans that they would permit this kind of conduct without consequence. that they wouldn't be -- you know, obama famously said, when they bring a knife to the fight, bring a gun. the republicans aren't even showing up with a knife. they are -- it is astonishing to see the lack of street smarts, of passion, of commitment on the part of -- the party should raise up as one against this kind of evil. >> and i think what you've hit on is the failure of many republican to come in and fight is the same reason president trump was elected in the primaries of 2016. republican voters wanted a street fighter, wanted a president to take china on, wanted a president who would
4:43 am
take on these issues and take on the washington swamp and who obviously fights back and hits back harder when he's hit. you're seeing the opposite type of politician in the u.s. senate unfortunately. hopefully they'll learn from the president. lou: and mitch mcconnell looks like he's learning and beginning to stand up. you're ahead slightly in your race there in kansas. how is it going to go and how are you going to get there? >> well, you're right. we're leading but by single diments. digits. it all depends on who shows up to vote. president trump is coming in this saturday, in a few day to kansas, first time since he's been elected president and the first time a presidential visit has occurred in topeka in ten years. it's big, big deal and that will boost our voters, it will will get the republicans fired up and that's what we need to motivate our people to the polls on election day. lou: and you're running in full
4:44 am
support of the trump agenda. >> absolutely. lou: it must astonish you when other candidates across the country in the house of representatives in particular are not, not lining upside by side with this president. it astonishes me and hopefully those rinos will meet their appropriate fate. >> i agree. and many did meet their fate in the primary elections this past summer and fall, throughout america, including in kansas. and you know, in kansas right now you've got a choice between me, a conservative who is antitax, anti-amnesty, enforcing our lawance progun versus -- i have two liberal opponents who are the opposite on all of those issues. you would think republicans would say this is in our platform, we're going to fight for it. but as you say, many don't want to fight and many don't know what's in our platform. lou: a number of folks i'm talking with say that this
4:45 am
outrage over -- against the radical left, the dimms, is going to really create a huge opportunity for victory for the republicans. and i think you will help prove them right. chris coback, great to see you. thanks so much. up next, corrupt deputy attorney general rod rosenstein gets to keep his job for at least a little while longer. we take up his future and more judicial watch's tom fitton joins us. we'll return in a matter of moments. please stay with
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lou: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein set to meet privately with house judiciary and house oversight member ons october isth. rosenstein called to explain reports that he proposed secretly recording trump early last year. the president saying he'll delay his meeting at the white house until after the kavanaugh confirmation is concluded. joining us now, judicial watch's tom fitton. great to have you with us. let's start with this thing with rosenstein. going to the house, meeting with two committees and their members. also waiting to go see the boss.
4:50 am
what is this headed -- what is the point of it all? >> that's the good point. why isn't there a public hearing. i would have had emergency hearings as soon as it was reported that rosenstein was discussing with his yur underli. he reports to the fbi technique to overthrow the president of the united states. instead we're running around looking up yearbook information about brett kavanaugh. lou: and whether or not t . that doesn't function, frankly, led by priep and th paul ryan and t. i've heard the number people cheering paul ryan is now behind the process. what process. and we're talking about almost half of this president's first
4:51 am
term in office dragging now because of the witch hunt, the mueller special counsel, a congress that is reticent to put forth important elements, including the law, put forward into law. this is astonishing. and now we're 35 days away from the election. >> i guess the silver lining is that there's a meeting taking place at all given the fact that the leadership of the house has zero interest in conducting oversight many in the month before the election. they don't want to upset any voters for or against them and that includes providing basic oversight. they'll advocate their role as much as they can and ill's only because of the yous ray yous ps of what rosenstein did that they're investigating or asking me any questions at all. if the president fires him, the president faces an obstruction
4:52 am
of justice investigation. so i suspect there will be a stalemate as mueller continues running the justice department. lou: now you, yo judicial watch have sued to get the pentagon to turn over to you the records on stefan hall pe halper, the formr cambridge professor who received all of these contracts from the department of defense, a million dollars worth. what is that all about? >> exactly. what is that all about. he was evidently an informant or spy for the fbi, maybe other agencies with the defense department. lou: you know, i bet a lot of the people in the media are saying we shouldn't mention his name. >> other than the "the new york times." lou: yeah. >> who got leaks from the justice department and fbi about his name. but anyway, this figure was
4:53 am
sicced on the trump campaign, sent to europe to try to ensnare people like papadopoulos and carter page and get them to confess to collusion that never took place. lou: why aren't we hearing something from the special counsel about this? why isn't there an investigation? >> the information he gathered, that is part of the material that was used to generate leads for the special counsel that was later appointed. and the question is, was he still being used by the special counsel. again, no one has asked mueller has he used the dossier, has he used spy information that this figure was target getteed with . i tell you, we're investigating the multi-agency every to spy on trump, congress is investigating a yearbook. that shows you the decrepit state of washington.
4:54 am
lou: decrepit, rancid, a swamp of the highest order or lowest. lou: low. est. we've got to get out of here. you've got ten seconds. go for it. >> the abuse continues. the targeting of kavanaugh is government abuse by the senate. lou: absolutely. tom, good to have you with us. tom fitton, judicial watch. up next, the dow at record highs highlighting another sign of this booming trump economy. much more on this right of these quick messages. hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous.
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chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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lou: something of an exciting day on wall streets even though's stocks closed mixes. the dow jones finished at a record high for the day. this is the second for the dow jones industrial's all-time closing high since donald trump was elected. amazon jeff bezos deciding to raise amazon's minimum wage to $15 an hour. the raise applies to 250,000 amazon employees. more than 100,000 seasonal
4:59 am
workers. let's take a look at where we are now and what we are look at tomorrow. authorities investigating packages sent to the pentagon filled with white powder that tested positive for ricin as well as suspicious envelopes addressed to the president and senator ted cruz. jason chaffetz blastinged the radical dimms for their silence. >> this is what you get when you are the tenacious resistance movement. they said they would do anything and everything they could. they promised scorched earth. lou: the fbi report on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh could be delivered to the white house as early as tomorrow. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell promised a vote this week. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow night tucker karl on
5:00 am
will be with us. judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. and good night from new [cheers and applause] >> has gone up 55%, sir, since you've got elected. 55%. cheryl: up is right, optimism about future deal with china on the heels of new deal with canada and méxico, boeing and caterpillar. lauren: helped dow hit record high this year, closing in on 27,000, added another 122 points yesterday. cheryl: will this rally continue today? well, looks like at this point we are on track for that.


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